A Guide to Buying Exterior French Doors

french doors

Your home will look timeless with exterior French doors. Find out what options are available.
A French door entrance will add an elegant touch to your home. Depending on the hardware, the material and other decorative elements, French doors can have a modern or traditional aesthetic. Throughout this article, we’ll discuss the history of French doors, their types, security features, and design possibilities.

French doors are what kind of doors?

French Doors: What are they?

French doors have a side-hinged design that swings open and closed. French doors were first seen in France, where they were called hinged patio doors. A French patio door typically features a stylish grille and allows a great deal of natural light to enter your home. French patio doors look beautiful when placed in rooms with a lot of windows.

Four-panel sliding patio doors are another type of French patio door. The two doors in the middle slide outwards towards the fixed panel on either side of this type of French patio door. The panels on the left and right sides are fixed. It looks and feels very much like what you might commonly think of as a French patio door when a sliding patio door part in the middle.

French Doors: Types
Perhaps you are wondering which French doors are best for your home as you plan what style to use. From classic single-door panels to double-door panels, you have several options to fit your home’s needs.

French Doors with a Single Hinged

French doors with a single hinge are great for small rooms. You can get them with an inward or outward swing. You will be able to walk into the room through an in-swing door, while an out-swing door will open toward the exterior. There are several beautiful color options available for single-hinged French doors, including custom colors. An ideal option for a kitchen or a bedroom are single-hinged French patio doors.

French doors with double hinges are also popular.

French doors with double hinges have two panels that are hinged together. Other designs have one fixed panel and one operable panel. With both indoor and outdoor designs, they blend indoors and outdoors seamlessly. The exterior of your home can be enhanced with several grille styles or between-the-glass blinds when you choose double-hinged French patio doors.

French sliding doors.

These patio doors with four panels and multiple slides are also known as sliding French doors. Standard sizes are available for sliding French doors with four panels. Stacks of three operable panels sit atop a fourth, inoperable panel. Each panel of multi-slide French patio doors is movable. If you install the multi-slide French door pocket-style, it disappears into the wall completely, while if you install the door standard, it stacks against the end panel. Unlike traditional hinged French doors, these doors slide neatly along tracks. Your home can have a modern or traditional aesthetic thanks to a variety of hardware styles.

What Is The Best Material For French Doors?

French doors made of wood.

Wooden French doors can be made in a variety of styles for your home and are incredibly energy-efficient.

Then there are fiberglass French doors.

The fiberglass sliding French patio doors are made of the strongest material for patio doors. The sleek, timeless design and proven performance of the four-panel sliding patio door are unparalleled. Several modern colors are available, including black. With fiberglass French patio doors, you can create a comfortable home in any season.

French doors Made of Vinyl

Your home will be strong and durable with vinyl French doors. Hinged French patio doors will provide you with unbreakable protection. French sliding patio doors are also available.Choose from a variety of grille patterns and profiles to customize your vinyl French doors.

French Door Security Tips

French patio doors can be made safe and secure by using locks, handles, and other hardware. Handles are used to lock French patio doors.

Blinds and shades are attached to French patio doors.

With the option of sliding blinds and shades between the glass, you can enhance the privacy and security of your home. While adding visual interest to your home, these blinds and shades are protected from dust, dirt, and damage.

Modern and Classic French Door Styles

The features and options such as hardware and grille profiles of French patio doors allow them to be used in both traditional and modern style homes. Choosing traditional or prairie grille patterns and brass or bronze hardware finishes will create a traditional aesthetic. Elegant chrome or matte black hardware finish complements modern aesthetics, while cross or custom grille patterns add a modern touch.

French patio doors with traditional styling.

Choosing a wooden French patio door will create a more traditional aesthetic. French patio doors with wood frames can be customized with different grille profiles, hardware options, and traditional colours.

French patio doors modern.

With fiberglass or vinyl patio doors, you can create a modern aesthetic. To complement your modern design, these patio doors come with a variety of features and options. Black exterior and interior frames complement matte black patio door handles and grilles on fiberglass sliding French doors. Choosing a white handle with white interior and exterior finishes will complement vinyl sliding French patio doors.

Can French Doors Save You Energy?

They can greatly reduce your energy expenses. French patio doors made of wood come with thermally-broken frames, which create an insulated barrier within the frame for an efficient door. Since wood offers natural insulation, it’s not a problem to insulate French patio doors made of wood. Multiple air chambers and optional insulating foam are used to insulate vinyl French patio doors. The glass on French doors is energy-efficient and optimized for your home’s climate and region. The outward swing of French doors creates a tighter seal, making them more energy efficient.

French doors have both pros and cons.

You need to decide which features are most important to you in order to choose the right French patio door for your home. Patio doors have the benefit of bringing in plenty of natural light, creating architectural interest and blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living spaces. The hinged patio door tends to take up more room than a sliding patio door, when compared to a French patio door.

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