Choosing a Patio Door for 2022

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When it’s time to transform your patio into the space you’ve always dreamed of, you’ll need help choosing the right patio door. What’s best, a sliding or swinging door, two panels or four? The choices are endless. In 2022, we’ve got you covered with four of the best patio door options.

A vinyl patio door

The most common option to consider is vinyl patio doors. Their durability, affordability, and corrosion resistance make them the perfect choice. Since swinging doors need room to swing inward or outward when opened, sliding doors are often used when space is limited. You can match your home’s style and design with colourful frames and tinted glass. Make it even more personalized with metallic interior handles.

Patio doors with black frames

The trend of black-framed patio doors is on the rise, especially when they are matched both on the outside and on the inside. This look can make a stunning impact on both Farmstyle and contemporary homes.

A patio door made of fiberglass

Patio doors made of fiberglass not only look attractive but are built to last. Due to their small expansion and contraction with temperature changes, they are also energy efficient. Their strength and resistance to rot make them a dream for homeowners who value low maintenance. Choose between swinging or sliding doors.

Patio doors made of aluminium

A sleek, modern look is created by aluminum patio doors. To maximize the amount of glass, they have very narrow frames. A timeless look is achieved by the thin profiles, which come in three colours: Clear anodized, White and Bronze anodized. Window frames made of aluminium are easy to maintain and are less expensive than those made of other materials. Plus, if you care about energy efficiency, the Thermally Improved option may be a good choice for you.

Here are some ideas on how you can transform your home courtesy of our selection of the Best Patio Doors.

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