Fitting new patio doors

how to fit a patio door

Incorrect installation of patio doors can cause a number of issues and many fitters fall foul of the same mistakes.


FENSA registration or building control approval is a required by building regulations before exterior patio doors can be installed and for your personal safety, never attempt to hang them alone.

It may sound obvious, but always check the dimensions of your opening against the size of the doors you are buying to make sure you have the right product. Don’t forget unfinished wood needs decorating immediately after delivery, before installation. Take a look at our finishing guide for more information. (Hyperlink)


Start by fixing the head sub assembly flush with the door jamb, ensuring both are secured correctly. Next verify the frame is square and plumb by measuring diagonally, horizontally and vertically – keep a spirit level to hand to re-check these dimensions – and ensure the predrilled holes in the head assembly meet the pilot holes in the top of the jamb.

Pre-drill a 4mm hole through the head track to at least 100mm depth so the fixings penetrate the lintel and use an appropriate screw for the material. Manufacturer, JELD-WEN, also recommends adding a bead of silicon to each screw to stop water reaching the doorset head.

Keeping the frame, jamb and head sections flush will mean your doors sit correctly and hardware operates properly. If you install bi fold doors wrongly, the system will malfunction, so make sure you know if the panels open left or right.


Before adding hardware, remember to pre-drill pilot holes. Screwing directly into patio doors can split the timber or prevent the fixing from holding and could be costly.

Double check the instructions to ensure handles are fitted the right way and carrier hinges are in the appropriate place. Incorrect installation of hardware will cause issues when you hang the doors.


It is crucial to test your doors run smoothly, without clashing, to prolong their life. If they touch or catch on the frame, adjust the height or width accordingly.

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