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The 3 Types of Patio Doors and Which is Best For You

Are you unsure whether patio doors would be ideal for your DIY project, remodelling project, or home enhancements? Without having to pay for a house extension or conservatory, they are the ideal way to bring the outside inside. 

Making the perfect pick can feel like a bit of a minefield with so many options easily available. The style of door is the first thing to consider, followed by the material, configurations, and colour!

A patio door can add value to your home according to research, so it really is worthwhile making the investment, once you’ve decided on the type that you want!

French, bifolding, and sliding. The glass patio doors industry is a vast and perhaps bewildering one. This helpful guide will help you choose patio doors as painlessly as possible by explaining the distinctions between the various kinds and providing helpful planning suggestions.

Why get patio doors?

Patio doors are an excellent way to modernise the home.

In addition to adding to the aesthetics, security, and value of your house, patio doors can significantly raise a family’s standard of living. You may get more natural light, fresh air, and an open-concept living area by integrating the outside environment into your house and making it a part of your everyday routine. 

Patio doors are a terrific way to get fresh air into a home without having to pay for air conditioning, especially for many homeowners whose houses get too hot in the summer.

French doors, sliding patio doors, and bi-fold doors are the three varieties available today. The ideal option for your house will rely on the current design and the goals you have for the new doors. To assist you in making a choice, we’ll look at the finer details of each type.

Which patio door is best for me?

In most cases, patio doors have two to four glass panes that slide over one another when they open. Patio doors can be found in a variety of widths and heights; in some contemporary constructions, sliding doors make up nearly the whole wall. Here are most popular types of patio doors:

French patio doors

A French door is ideal for small spaces since they consist of two doors that open from the middle, creating an entirely clear opening when opened. These doors can be opened simultaneously or one at a time, inwards or outwards. For the glazing to complement the design of your house, it can be clear, glazed, or equipped with Georgian bars.

Potential disadvantages of French patio doors include their limited glass area compared to sliding or bi-fold doors, which might obstruct views, and their unsuitability for large openings. If left unsecured, they may also slam shut in the wind and require room to open inwardly or outwardly.

Bifold patio doors

The newest door style to hit the UK market is the bifold patio door. These doors are made up of several panels that concertina-style fold back onto one another. They are able to replace a sizable portion of a wall, giving the impression that there is no wall at all separating the interior from the outside.

Bifold doors provide the best view and accessibility when they are open, but when they are closed, the number of panels can obscure the view. Because these doors might be more difficult to open and close, they frequently have a traffic door installed for easy access and departure in situations where you don’t want the doors to be fully open.

Glass sliding patio doors

Typically, sliding glass doors consist of two or three sliding panels that overlap while one panel is stationary.

When opened, sliding patio doors don’t take up any space in the house or yard since they slide sideways on tracks located in the door frame rather than opening in or out. They can be slid open to the desired level, or fully opened for air, depending on the situation.

With huge glass panes in every part, sliding doors also provide the most uninterrupted view of the outside. It is recommended that sliding doors be installed on anti-lifting tracks to deter potential intruders from lifting them out.

Patio doors: points to consider

A variety of materials, such as aluminium patio doors, wood, uPVC, and composite—a blend of aluminium and wood—can be used for creating patio doors. Priorities must be taken into account while selecting the ideal door style and material:

How are you going to use your new patio doors?

If your patio doors will be one of the primary points of entry and exit from your house, you should select doors that are simple to open and close.

When you require a broader opening, French doors are a wonderful option because you can open each door separately or both at the same time. Sliding doors are also useful because you can just slide them as far as you need to open them. 

However, small children or the elderly may find it difficult to handle these heavy doors. Additionally, a traffic door that opens separately from the other panels can be installed, even though bifold doors are often opened fully.

Are they secure?

Whichever style of patio doors you select, you should have faith in their robustness and security. Patio doors, especially those with aluminium frames, are now stronger than ever thanks to contemporary designs and technology.

Maintaining patio doors

Aluminium or uPVC patio doors require less maintenance than wooden ones because timber frames need to be treated as they get older to retain their quality. In general, all high-quality aluminium and uPVC frames need the occasional wipe down to maintain them looking their best.

Room with a view?

Bifold or sliding doors offer the most glass surface area if you want to be able to see as much of the view as possible. Bifold doors, on the other hand, have more panels, thus when the doors are closed, the view might be obscured.

Looking for patio doors to enhance your interior and exterior spaces?

We hope you’ve found this guide to the best patio door options helpful! Whether you choose French doors, sliding patio doors or bifold patio doors, DoorsDirect2u have a variety of options to suit your needs.

DoorsDirect2U have over 40 years of experience providing internal door and external door solutions to suit all budgets and specifications. You can purchase with confidence safe in the knowledge all products are backed with a manufacturer’s guarantee.

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Patio doors types FAQs

How much do patio doors cost?

You can choose to spend as much or as little as you want because patio doors come in a broad selection of door styles and possibilities for modification, making it challenging to decide which type costs more. DoorsDirect2u has a variety of options to cater for any budget.

What are the different types of patio doors?

There are 3 types of patio doors on the market: French, Sliding and Bi-fold. All three of these options have different pros depending on your needs.

Are Aluminium patio doors more expensive than uPVC?

In general, the cost of purchasing and installing uPVC sliding doors is less than that of aluminium.



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