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The Best Patio Doors For Security & How To Secure Them

Patio doors can be a beautiful entryway to your outdoor space, but this elegance sometimes comes at the expense of security. With property crime rates on the rise, ensuring your home’s safety is paramount.

76% of all burglaries occur through doors (59% front, 33% back) compared with just 20% through windows and 4% by distraction or false pretences. But don’t let that put you off! Patio door security and technologies have advanced and each type of patio door has a different security feature.

In this blog, we’ll explore the best secure patio doors options specifically designed to enhance your home’s security. Additionally, we’ll provide you with essential tips on how to bolster the security of your existing patio doors, empowering homeowners and DIY enthusiasts to fortify their dwellings.

Why is Patio Door Security Important?

Patio doors are often seen as vulnerable entry points for burglars due to their large glass panels and multiple locking mechanisms. These can be easily broken or bypassed, providing easy access for intruders. Moreover, patio doors usually lead directly to the backyard or garden, making it easier for thieves to enter unnoticed and escape with stolen goods.

Furthermore, break-ins not only lead to financial loss but can also cause emotional trauma and fear in homeowners. The right patio doors, along with proper security measures, can offer peace of mind and protect your loved ones and belongings.

The Three Best Patio Doors for Security

Let’s take a look at the best patio door options for the safety and security of your home:

French Patio Doors: Classic Charm Secured

Features and Benefits:

French patio doors are widely admired for their timeless charm and the way they instantly improve the aesthetics of any home. When it comes to security, modern French doors offer multi-point locking systems and can come reinforced with toughened glass, laminates, or a security film.


  • Aesthetically pleasing and classic
  • Versatile and available in various materials
  • Often come with a multi-point locking system


  • Requires clearance space to open fully
  • May not be as resistant to forced entry as other designs

Sliding Patio Doors: Sleek and Safe

Features and Benefits:

Sleek and functional, sliding doors are a popular choice for modern homes. The best of these sliding glass doors designs incorporate heavy-duty materials, such as aluminium or reinforced uPVC, and use anti-lift features to ward off would-be intruders.


  • A sliding door saves space with a sliding mechanism
  • Suitable for limited indoor and outdoor clearance
  • Many models offer a good security track record


  • Can be more challenging to install security reinforcements
  • Some older models may have vulnerabilities in the track system

Bi-Fold Patio Doors: Flexible Fortress

Features and Benefits:

Bi-fold doors provide a stylish, versatile option for those looking to open up their living space and let in the natural light. When it comes to security, the latest installations include advanced locking mechanisms and toughened, impact-resistant glass.


  • Offers maximum opening width for a seamless indoor-outdoor flow
  • A bifold door can provide better visibility and security cameras placement
  • Some systems offer highly secure track systems


  • More tracks and folding points might increase vulnerability if not secured properly
  • Installation can be more complex and may require professional assistance

How to Secure Your Patio Doors

Securing your new patio doors doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Here are several effective methods to enhance the security of your patio doors:

Install a Security Bar

A door security bar is an affordable, yet strong security measure that prevents the door from being forced open. They’re easy to install and highly effective, with many options being adjustable to fit your door width precisely.

Upgrade to Smart Locks

Smart locks offer an added layer of security by enabling you to monitor and control your patio door from your smartphone. Most smart locks also provide you with a log of who enters and exits your home, offering peace of mind.

Use Security Films

Window and door security films are adhesive layers that, when applied to glass, make it more resistant to shattering. They can be a cost-effective way to delay an intruder and reduce the risk of forced entry.

Add Motion Sensor Lights

Motion-activated lights are a simple yet effective way to deter potential burglars. By illuminating the area around the patio door, they make stealthy entry more difficult and draw attention to the would-be intruder.

Triple Glazing

Triple glazing adds an additional layer of security by making it harder for burglars to break through the glass. It also offers energy efficiency benefits, reducing your heating and cooling costs.

DIY Tips for Enhanced Security

Beyond the specific measures mentioned above, there are general practices that can significantly improve the security of your patio doors:

Regular Maintenance

Ensure your patio doors are in good working order by conducting regular maintenance checks. This includes examining locks, hinges, and tracks for any signs of wear or damage.

Proper Installation

If you’re installing patio doors for the first time, or replacing existing ones, it’s vital to do so correctly. Poor installation can create vulnerabilities in your home’s security, so consider seeking professional help if necessary.

Landscaping for Security

Strategically placed thorny plants or bushes can create a natural barrier to your patio doors, deterring intruders. Be mindful, however, not to create unseen areas around your home that could hide an intruder.

Neighbourhood Watch Programs

Joining a neighbourhood watch program can be an effective way to enhance your community’s overall security. Neighbours looking out for each other can often prevent crime before it happens.

Security System Integration

Integrating your patio door security with a comprehensive home security system ensures that any breach is immediately detected and alerting the proper authorities. Modern security systems also often come with additional features like video surveillance and remote monitoring.

Looking for Modern and Secure Patio Door Options?

Investing in the security of your patio doors is an investment in the safety and well-being of your home and family. By choosing the appropriate door design and implementing the right security measures, you can enjoy your outdoor space with the confidence that your home is well-protected.

Remember, when it comes to security, it’s crucial to assess your unique needs and the specific layout of your home. Whether you opt for a robust new door or enact smart DIY reinforcements, the peace of mind that comes with a secure home is invaluable.

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Best Patio Doors for Security FAQs

How can I make my patio doors more secure?

In order to achieve secure patio doors, it is crucial that the frames are constructed from premium materials. Similar to glass, different types of frames have different levels of toughness. It is far more difficult to penetrate strong frames than weaker ones. uPVC and aluminium are the most popular external door frames for door security.

Are French doors more secure than patio doors?

The construction quality of the doors, the calibre of the glazing, and the locks will all affect how secure your French doors are. If you know what to look for, the safest French doors can be just as secure as patio doors or sliding glass doors, if not more so!

Are patio doors easy to break into?

Sliding doors, or any glass patio door, have historically been thought to be a prime location for burglaries; however, contemporary sliding doors are far less susceptible and come equipped with a variety of security mechanisms to keep your house safe.