Step by step guide to fitting a JELD-WEN patio doorset

Step by step guide to fitting a JELD-WEN patio doorset

This video demonstrates the key points you need to remember when fitting a jeld-wen folding sliding patio door set please use this guidance video in conjunction with the printed fitting instructions included with your product. Before you begin make sure you have all the tools and package contents listed in the printed instructions and ensure your installation complies with the relevant building regulations.

Frame installation.

Please refer to the frame installation section in your printed instructions check you have fixed the head sub-assembly flush with the jamb assembly. The frame should be installed square and plum for the Canberra doorset, ensure that the sealing gasket fills the joint between the components. Secure the installation tie plates to the underside of the aluminium sill. Once this is complete, they will need fixing securely to the subfloor.

Head fixing.

Refer to the frame installation section and your printed instructions. Precise fixing of the head
is essential for smooth doorset operation. Once the position of the frame is correct pre-drill a 4mm hole through the prepared hole in the head track. Using a drill bit at least 100 millimeters in length will
ensure the fixing screws penetrate the steel lintel. Apply a bead of silicone to each fixing before insertion. This will resist water tracking down the fixing screws onto the head of the doorset. Starting with the two outer holes nearest the jambs pass the screws up through the head and screw into the lintel. Do not fully tighten at this stage. Once the correct curve on the head has been achieved tighten the fixing screws, do not over tighten.

Assembly of top pivot block.

Please refer to the door installation section and your printed instructions.

Install all of the hardware in the top channel of the outer frame according to the arrangements of panels for your doorset. This is represented in the door and hardware arrangement section. Prepare the top channel in the head section of the outer frame. Mark drill points with a pencil. Drill 5mm holes, the top pivot block should fit tightly against the jamb at the end of the head section. You must insert all of the hardware into the top channel in the correct order. This will depend upon the arrangement of the door panels in your doorset. The end carriers and top pivot blocks are ‘reversible’ assemblies and can be adjusted for left or right-handed door panels.

Inserting the carriers and pivot blocks.

Refer to the door installation section in your printed instructions.

Install the hardware in the top channel in the cut out according to the arrangement of panels for your patio doorset. There may be one or two cutouts in the tracks this will depend on your door
configuration hang the carriers in the appropriate tracks.

Fixing the wall pivot.

Please refer to the door installation section and your printed instructions.

Fix the wall pivot receiver into the pre bored hole in the center of the frame jamb. Pilot drill the to fixing positions.

Fixing and handling the bottom pivot block.

Refer to the door installation section and your printed instructions.

The bottom pivot blocks are reversible assemblies and can be adjusted for left or right-handed door panels. The bottom pivot blocks sit inside the sill channel and fits tightly against the jambs at each end of the sill.

Hanging the doors.

Refer to the hanging the door section and your printed instructions. For personal safety do not perform this step alone.

Fix the first door into the wall pivot hinge using the center of the pre-drilled door edge. Depending on the door configuration, these are needed for each door hinged from the jamb. Once the wallpivot hinge is fitted the top and bottom pivot carrier bolts need to be screwed into the pivot blocks. Ensure the yellow caps are left in place until the final adjustment has been completed. Now start adding the other panels to the assembly. Follow the same process previously used to hang the top pivot block. All the door panels are pre-drilled or marked for the correct position of the hinges. If only marked pilot drill at the point indicated prior to fixing the hinges.

How to reverse the intermediate carriage hinge set.

On certain configurations the intermediate carrier hinge set may be handed differently. The bottom carrier hinge handing cannot be changed however the middle hinge can be flipped and the top carrier set can be reversed.

Fitting the weatherstrip.

Refer to hanging the door panel section and your printed instructions.

Ensure the weather strip is cut around the hinges and not fitted under the hinges.


  • Lock adjustment
  • Width and height adjustment
  • Top and bottom pivot block adjustment

If you have problems with the door locking check that the lock cylinder works then check the latches and bolts of the lock are lined up with the keep if not adjust the door height then check again. You may need to keep adjusting the height slightly until the lock operates correctly.

Adjusting the keeps.

The center top and bottom keeps can be adjusted they should only be adjusted in small
even amounts until the door operates correctly.

Width and height adjustment.

When all the doors are hunk, close all of the doors carefully to ensure they don’t clash with the head or still. Check the access door does not clash with the head,sill or other doors. If clashing does occur adjust the width as deomonstrated in the video to ensure smooth operation. Adjust the height as demonstrated in the video. Once final adjustment has been completed remove the yellow clip to lock the fixing in place. Ensure all carriers are adjusted the same amount.

The film is for demonstration purposes only. Please use in conjunction with the full written instructions enclosed with your product. Alternatively download the instructions from

Replacing exterior door sets is notifiable work and must be completed under building regulations approval or fitted by a FENSA (or similar scheme) certified installer

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