Room dividers offer the perfect solution to turn one room into two, while maintaining the right balance of light, privacy and ventilation. It proves invaluable to keep an eye on children while you cook and to create a separate space for family celebrations.

With so many dividing solutions to choose from, you need to know how to choose a convenient and quality room divider, that’s worthy for it’s money.

• Pairs of doors 

A pair of hung interior doors makes the perfect room divider to create open, plain and versatile living spaces that fit both new and existing openings of homes of all types, ages and styles.
They are similar to folding sliding doors but also offer flexible space and improved lighting. You can also add an extra finishing touch to it by buying a decorative piece or pair maker befitting the internal edge of one door while covering the middle gap when closed.

• Enhance your home with minimal disruptions 

Room dividers help turn a room into two rooms if you have a family celebration planned or if you need to keep an eye on kids, but still let you live your life with minimal disruptions and mess.
Internal bi-fold doors prove useful for creating flexible living spaces as required. Top hung system room dividers can be quickly installed to give a streamlined and quality finish without any interference to your flooring.

• Harmonized look 

Room dividers are available in various popular designs to match single door ranges to get a harmonized look through your home. You can choose from a range of traditional and contemporary options like oak, which is a popular option amongst those looking for premium products. However if you are looking for something unique, it’s better to choose white primed room dividers which come ready to add your chosen top coat of paint so that you can customize the divider as per your color scheme.

• Natural light flow 

If you want to make natural light flow through your house, then you could opt for internal room dividers which have glass panels. They easily provide for flowing, natural light through your home even when closed, to make your rooms look larger and airier. You can choose your type of glazing from small decorative inlays to full panels with bar details to create a more traditional feel to your home.
• Make your choice with minimal hassle 

Most sliding folding doors come with hardware that is added to the frames that help provide support to the door so that it remains stable for smooth and easy opening and closing of your doors.
Collapsible timber doors generally come with the same width to create a maximum clear opening. While these doors are designed to slide and fold back to the room edges, you also have the option of using a single panel as a normal door for everyday access to the room.

Most room dividers are ready for installation and come with separate frames, hardware and door packs. They are also available in various widths, and different glazing and finishing options for you to choose from to create an individualized and designer look to your home.