Living within a conformable space is rewarding, especially for regulating light, ventilation and ensuring privacy. Using room dividers allows two rooms to be merged into one, which allows you to look after the children as you run errands. It also makes the room bigger to accommodate more people.
The home improvement industry offers many options for the parting of chambers. How, therefore, is one able to select high quality and convenient screens at the of the desired cost?

Explore your living space
Being able to merge two rooms into one may be convenient for creating space and promoting multi-tasking. However, this process should not disrupt your daily activities, which is why we attach weight to finding solutions to adorn your home with minimal mess or disturbance.
Corcetina doors provide the flexibility needed in an open-space room giving reference to the requirements of the situation. Our crafty range of folding doors do not have a bottom track and require minimal effort to move. The top hung system makes installation easy and ensures there is no interruption to the floor hence resulting in a clean and quality finish.

Maximum choice, minimum hassle
Our sliding doors which can be folded have implements fixed onto the frames to achieve natural and smooth back and forth movement.
Each of our bifold wooden doors is of the same width for maximum open space. The whole figure slides and folds back to the walls of the room. You can also use a single screen to provide permanent access.
Our range of folding doors is ready for installation upon delivery in various frames, implements, and packages. We have doors of common widths with diverse coating options to give your home a customized, unique appearance.

Paired doors
A set of doors is an excellent way to create an adaptable living space by fitting them across an opening. Two interior doors can be hung alongside each other to create a room divider for any home. They can serve the same purpose as sliding doors, making the space adaptable and regulating the lighting. You can buy a T-piece, also known as a pair maker, for extra finishing. It is fitted on the inner edge of one door to cover the gap in the middle when the doors are closed.

Choosing room divider doors with glass panels is a good idea because it allows in natural light. They also make the room appear larger as well-aired. Glazing options vary from inlaid material to full screens.

Room dividers are available in various door designs allowing you to achieve a harmonised look for your home by matching single door ranges. There is a wide range of traditional and topical options for the style and finish. For people who are looking for an exceptional product, oak is currently trending. If you are aimed at getting an individual appearance, white primed dividers are delivered ready for application of top coat, giving you a chance to custom them to your colour scheme.