Need more space when having people over? Perhaps you would like to keep an eye out for the kids as you go about your chores? Room dividers allow you to do both and so much more by conveniently turning two rooms into one.

Among the numerous benefits of having an adaptable living space include privacy, better ventilation and achieving the perfect balance of light across the space. As a player in the home improvement industry, we are all about delivering premier enhancement solutions that add value without the inconvenience of unwanted disruptions and messes.

We are committed to delivering the best solutions and here’s a look at two of the solutions we offer

Internal Bi-Fold Doors

Choose from our ingenious Room Fold range of bi-fold doors that slide and fold in either direction against a wall to effortlessly transform two rooms into one. You always have the option to use just a single panel. With just a fingertip movement, opening and closing action is easy and relatively effortless.

Our Room Fold of bi-fold doors have no bottom track, which translates to no interruption to your flooring between the rooms and a quality finish. Additionally, the top-hung design is easy and faster to install. Added to the doors are hardware that will keep them stable at all times.

Both doors are the same width to allow for maximum possible opening. Our bi-fold doors come in a range of widths and as many options when it comes to glazing and finishing options. The Room Fold range comes in separate frame, door and hardware packs for installation.

Paired Doors

Double doors are a simple and inexpensive approach to room dividing. Whatever the style of your home, you can hang together two doors to fit into a new or pre-existing opening between rooms and add more flexibility to your home.

For that perfect finish, you can always add a pair maker that will effectively cover the gap in the doors when they close, while adding some decorative element to the entire assembly.

Glazing Options 

Your choice of glazing will affect the balancing of light in  your living spaces, the views you can enjoy and it also impacts on your thermal  comfort. Choosing room dividers with glass panels is a great way to enjoy these  benefits. With room dividers, your glazing options range from small inlays to  full panels, depending on among other factors, your personal preferences, and


With our room dividers, you have a wide range of both traditional and contemporary finishes to choose from. You can choose to pick from a range of room dividers designs that match the single doors in design and in so doing maintain uniformity around your space. You can also choose from the available oak finish tones for that long-lasting and durable surface. To truly make it your own, you can choose to paint over the dividers with your favourite colour or blend it with the colour scheme in your home.

Our innovative room dividers are an efficient space solution that you can rely on to transform your space as you enjoy convenience and value added.