Fire Doors

We specialise in providing a comprehensive range of internal fire doors tailored to meet the rigorous safety standards required in the United Kingdom. Our selection is designed to offer both protection and elegance, seamlessly integrating into any interior design.

For ease of access in high traffic areas, our glazed fire doors allow visibility while maintaining fire resistance. With competitive prices across our fire-rated door range, you’re sure to find the ideal fire-rated doors at DoorsDirect2U. Browse our collection today and ensure your building meets its fire safety objectives! Our team is also on hand to provide expert advice and support.

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Unparalleled Safety with Secure Internal Fire Doors

Our internal fire doors are more than just a component of your building’s architecture; they are a crucial safety feature designed to save lives. Crafted with the utmost precision, these doors are engineered to withstand the intense heat of fires, providing a vital barrier that slows the spread of flames and smoke, thus allowing occupants valuable time to evacuate safely.

Glazed Fire Doors: Safety Meets Aesthetics

Understanding the need for safety without sacrificing style, we offer a range of stylish and secure internal glazed fire doors. 

These doors feature fire-resistant glass panels, allowing natural light to flow through your space while still offering the necessary fire protection. It’s a perfect blend of functionality and design, ideal for modern living spaces and light commercial use.

Types of fire doors included in our selection include:

Our Extensive Range of Fire Doors…

DoorsDirect2U prides itself on offering a diverse selection of fire-rated doors, including options with solid core construction and the highest quality materials like American white oak veneer and white primed finishes. 

Our range includes everything from traditional oak and walnut veneers to modern, sleek white primed doors, ensuring a perfect match for every home and commercial building.

What are the rules for fire doors?

Fire doors must comply with UK building regulations, providing a minimum level of fire resistance (usually FD30 or FD60), and be fitted with appropriate hardware, such as intumescent seals and fire-rated hinges, to be effective.

How much does a standard fire door cost?

The cost of a standard fire door varies depending on the size, material, and fire rating. At DoorsDirect2U, we offer competitive pricing and a price match promise to ensure you get the best value for your investment.

What makes a door a fire door?

A fire door is constructed with fire-resistant materials and designed to withstand heat and smoke, slowing the spread of fire. Key features include solid core construction, intumescent strips, and fire-rated door furniture.

Can you get internal fire doors with glass?

Yes, we offer internal fire doors with fire-resistant glass panels, combining safety with aesthetic appeal and allowing natural light to enhance your interior spaces.

Do internal doors need to be fire doors?

Not all internal doors need to be fire doors, but in certain areas, like between the house and an attached garage or in multi-occupancy buildings, fire doors are a legal requirement to provide safe escape routes.

How do I know if my internal doors are fire doors?

Fire doors typically have a label or certification mark indicating their fire rating and compliance with safety standards. Key features like weight, thickness, and the presence of intumescent strips can also indicate a door is fire-rated.

What size are internal fire doors?

Internal fire doors come in standard sizes, similar to regular doors, but can be slightly thicker due to their solid core construction. Bespoke sizes are also available to meet specific requirements.

At DoorsDirect2U, we are committed to providing not just doors, but solutions that ensure your safety and enhance the beauty of your spaces. Explore our extensive range of internal fire doors today and find the perfect combination of style, safety, and durability for your home or office.