35mm Fire Doors, What Differentiates Them and how to Install One

While 35mm fire doors are an absolutely important element of any house or building, choosing the best one can be a hard task. If you are looking for one, here is a complete guide that explains what you need to know about purchasing and installing these doors.

The difference between fire door and standard interior door
Manufactured with a solid core construction, a fire door offers a different level of protection against fire. They come in a variety of ratings that shows how long they can withstand flames and heat. FD30 rating is the minimum rating of such doors offering a 30 minutes resistance. However, there are also higher specifications of doors such as FD60 that provide protection and additional time. Since fire doors alone cannot offer the necessary protection, to improve their effectiveness you must install the correct door hardware according to the fire door regulations.

These doors generally work by fitting intumescent strips around the dormant edges of the door. However, when these edges get into contact with heat, they rapidly expand, thereby sealing the space between the door frame and the door and create a shield against fire. To ensure that the smoke does not get through the door, you can install intumescent strips with seals. For a fire door to prevent the spread of fire, protect any escape route and restrict the quantity of oxygen getting in, it must be installed properly and kept closed

How to purchase the best 35mm fire doors
When looking for quality fire doors, it’s very important that you use a competent and reputable supplier such as doorsdirect2u. While many companies claim to manufacture the doors, only a few of them produce tested products that can withstand fire. Apart from demanding to see the documentation such as the label and certificate, you need to ask whether the products have been tested and proven to work in the fire.

It’s also very important that fire doors are accredited by organizations such as British Woodworking Federation CERTIFIRE SCHEME to show that the manufacturing processes and door specifications have been audited and assessed regularly. You can easily identify such doors by checking out the BWF CERTIFIRE label on top of the door.

Apart from the door, the ironmongery and the frame are also just as important. This is because they all work together seamlessly. While shopping for one, make sure that you buy only compatible components and hardware. When you consider the cost of loss of life and damages that occur during fire outbreaks, saving a few shillings isn’t worth it. At all times, ensure that you ask for installation instructions, stick to the specification and follow them well.

How to install a fire door
For any fire door to work effectively it must be installed by qualified personnel and by strictly following the instructions. If you want to fit you fire doors well, it’s advisable that you get a professional.

While 35mm fire doors can be trimmed to meet your specifications, the amount of work done usually varies depending on what you need. It’s, therefore, very important to check all the instructions. While doing this, never trim the top of the door because you might remove the label.

Lastly, it’s crucial to note that there is a 3mm consistent gap on the sides and the top of the door. The gap between the flooring and the bottom of the door should not be more than 10mm. This is very important to ensure that in case of a fire outbreak, the gap can be properly sealed.
When it comes to the products, there is variety available including FD60 and FD30 that respectively produces a 60 minute and 30 minutes fire protections. While fire doors have a standard thickness of 44mm and 54mm, they usually come in different sizes. JELD WEN also provides a unique FD30 fire door which is 35mm thick that you can fit in a normal door without removing the frame. This will save you a lot of time, disruption, and money.

To take care of almost every design with thickness, a range of colors and finishes, there are a variety of stylish options that you can use.
Before installing fire doors you need to check
· The door and frame.
· The instructions.
· The frame specifications.
· The building regulations.
· The gab between the frame and the door.
· The CERTIFIRE of the ironmongery.
· The correct CERTIFIRE approved seals.
Remember, the correct installation is very important to the overall performance of the door.

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