“Never Compromise on Safety”, this statement, if followed by everyone, will prevent many accidents from occurring. Fire is one thing which surely threatens the house and all safety measures must be taken in order to prevent it. One such device which helps in case of fire is the Fire Door. These doors are made of special material which prevents the spread of fire.

Here is a guide which will help you in this tedious task of choosing the best 44mm Oak Internal Fire Doors for your home-

1-Fire Door vs Ordinary Door:
Ordinary doors are mostly made of wood which is a good supporter of fire and further causes problem by spreading the fire. Fire Doors, on the other hand, are specially designed by experts specifically to reduce the rate of spread of fire i.e. helps in reducing fire and providing time for safe escape from the building.

2-Various Options:
The 44mm Oak Internal Fire Doors are available in many options and ratings based on the level of protection provided. Each rating is defined on the time it provides for safe escape after the start of the fire. FD30 Fire Doors provide a duration of 30 Minutes ensuring the safety of the family. The Higher Specification FD60 gives an escape time of 60 Minutes. The cost also increases with increase in rating.

3-Other Requirements:
44mm Oak Internal fire Doors alone can’t protect you in the event of a fire, it requires the correct Fire Door hardware installed properly in accordance with Fire Door regulations. The Fire Doors are fitted with intumescent strips around the edges which come into play only when in contact with extreme heat i.e. the event of a fire. They expand rapidly sealing the gap between the door frame and the door hence preventing the supply of oxygen and acts as a barrier against fire, hence suppressing it. Further smoke seals can also be used along with the strips to stop the smoke from getting through the door. After all these arrangements, the fire door must be properly closed to perform its role.

4-Things To Consider Before Buying:
“No Compromise”, should be the only thing in your mind while buying the Fire Door. Go for a reputed supplier such as doorsdirect2u as you can rely on them for a quality product. Many local dealers claim to make Fire Doors, but only a few of them are successfully tested and quality assured. Ask the dealer to show you a proper proof of its authenticity like a fire-proof certificate. Having an accredited rating by a fire safety scheme such as The British Woodworking Federations Cerifire Scheme for Fire Door manufacturers approves of its quality. According to this scheme, the door manufacturing process undergoes rigorous audits and quality check for ensuring proper safety standards. Look for BWF-CERTIFIRE label on the top edge of the door.

The Door is not alone significant but also the frame and material used are equally important, they all work in unison to provide results. Saving a few bucks should not be your aim while purchasing it. The life it protects is immensely more precious than the cost of it. Take special care of the specification and proper installation instructions.

Proper installation of the door is a very important step in the whole process. The installation must be done only by professionals following the instructions to effectively protect your home. The Fire Doors might need some trimming according to the frame. Never trim the top edge of the door as it contains the BWF label. Finally, check whether the top and sides have a proper gap not exceeding 3mm and bottom gap not exceeding 10mm. Proper sealing in the event of a fire depends upon this gap as well so be careful at this step.

6-Other Options:
Apart from FD30 and FD60 Fire Doors providing 30 minutes and 60 minutes of escape time respectively, there are other doors as well. They come in different sizes with a standard thickness of 44mm or 54mm. JELD-WEN, a manufacturer of finest Fire Doors, offers a unique 35mm thick FD30 door which fits in the regular door frame without altering the current frame, saving some time and money. These doors come in various stylish options, with many themes and a range of colors. Thickness and finishing also come in options including the finely crafted natural wood veneers.

Fire Doors are a boon to this society as the lives it protects are priceless. Having a properly installed Fire Door is nowadays a must in each house as no one knows when a fire might start.

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