There is no doubt that choosing the best white primed internal fire doors for your home can turn out to be a serious challenge. It is because of the challenge that we have prepared a fire doors’ guide to help you buy and install the best fire doors.

What is the difference between a fire door and a regular interior door?

White primed internal fire doors differ from regular doors in many ways. Unlike regular doors, the design of fire doors lowers the rate at which fire spreads indoors. This gives you and family members sufficient time to move away from a burning house to a safer location outdoors.

The level at which white primed internal fire doors can lower the spread of fire is informed by the rating of its main construction material. Indeed, fire doors are available with different ratings. A fire door’s rating serves to indicate how long it can resist both fire and flames before giving in. Fire doors with minimum rating are rated at FD30. These fire doors withstand heat for up to half an hour, which is enough to save a life. On the other hand, fire doors with maximum rating are rated at FD60. These fire doors withstand heat for up to an hour. This is enough time to save many lives.

However, the mere installation of fire doors does not provide the security required in case of fire. They only provide the necessary security if their installation is carried out using the right hardware. The regulations relating to the installation of fire doors must also be adhered to.

White primed internal fire doors only become effective in providing security against fire when intumescent strips are fitted on the edges of the main doors. The edges are areas of doors that are rarely used. With an intumescent strip installed, the area expands in case of fire. As the area expands, it seals the space between the main door and the door frame. The expanded area, therefore, creates a strong barrier that stops further spread of fire. Note that it is also possible to install smoke seals alongside intumescent strips to prevent the passage of smoke through the barrier as well. A fire door installed to secure escape routes must not only be installed correctly. It must always remain shut to minimise the level of oxygen, which feeds the fire to continue burning.

How to Choose Quality 44mm Moulded Fire Doors

It is very important that you only buy 44mm moulded fire doors from a supplier of good repute. This is because there are many manufacturers of fire when only a few supply fire doors that pass quality tests. You need to ask for the necessary documents of proof, including a fire test certificate. A fire door must also be properly labelled.

It is also very important to check whether or not a fire door has been rated by a body that is properly accredited. A rating by such a body, for instance, the British Woodworking Federation, proves that the manufacturer is assessed and audited on a regular basis to ensure that the fire doors it manufacture comply with the highest fire safety standards that have been set. Such quality doors bear the BWF-CERTIFIRE label at the top edge, which you should look out for.

It is not enough to limit yourself to the door. The accompanying frame and iron work are equally important. Because of the need for both the door and the frame to complement each other, ensure that you only buy a door that is compatible with both the frame and the other associated parts.


Your home will only be protected by fire doors if they are installed properly. Their installation, therefore, must be undertaken by qualified technicians. We highly recommend that you engage the service of a professional fire door installation technician who will follow the installation instructions to the letter.
It is possible to trim fire doors to fit the entrances. However, the trimming of the top edge is forbidden because it is the area where the door’s label is and the label must never be removed.

Even after the installation, you need to check to ensure that a uniform gap of less than 3mm remains at the top and on either side. Similarly, a uniform gap of less than 10mm remains at the bottom of the door. The gaps make it possible for the door to expand to provide the necessary security against fire.

Available Fire Door Options

Fire doors are generally available with a minimum of FD30 and a maximum of FD60 rating.
They are also available in varied sizes with a universal thickness of 44mm and 54mm. JELD-WEN makes available FD30 rated fire doors with a thickness of 35mm. These are designed to fit doors with regular door frames. These fire doors eliminate the need for the removal of the installed door frames, which saves time, cost, and disturbance.

Apart from thickness, fire doors are also available in different styles, colours and finishing including fine-crafted natural wood veneer finish. The available options certainly suit almost all design themes.

Other Fire Doors include 35mm fire doors , 44mm flush fire doors and 44mm oak fire doors