Open up your home through our great range of French patio doors. These French doors are crafted to give you maximum light and easy access in and out of your property, but also offer complete security for that extra peace of mind. Available in a range of styles and with the option of added sidelights, these French doors are fully finished in white, so there’s no need to worry about decorating once installed.

French doors can be a great option if you are looking to brighten up your home. By using these doors you will enable the natural light to flow in and give you ease of access to your decking or patio. Whether you would like to bring the outdoors in or to just sit and admire your lovely garden, French doors are perfect for this. At doorsdirect2u we have a great range of French doors that will allow you to create a beautiful living space whilst offering a good range of designs and styles.

At Doorsdirect2u our French doors will make an ideal entrance point to the back of your home, allowing easy access to your garden whilst improving your house’s appearance.
Our range of UPVC French doors offer fantastic heat retention, so as to ensure your energy bills will remain as low as can be. All our external French doors are built with safety in mind they use toughened safety glass so they do not shatter. This safety glass also means minimal heat loss.

Some people may be put off by French patio doors due to security fears. Every French patio door that we supply comes with toughened safety glass. They also have high security multi-locking systems with 3-D adjustable hinges and shoot bolts. All the glazing is internally beaded for even more security. Our French patio doors are anti-snap, anti-bump, anti-pick ,and anti-drill which are the four most popular methods of breaking locks.

Oak external French doors
All our timber doors come with Jeld Wen manufacturer’s guarantee. They can come in either solid oak or real oak veneer. There are many sizes to choose from so that you can find the right one for your opening.

All our French patio doors come in the usual standard opening height sizes so all you have to do is make sure that you choose the right width.
We offer a comprehensive range of made to measure PVCu French doors, patio doors, external doors and windows all at very competitive prices. Please contact us at for a quotation.

In recent times, we’ve seen many people and even companies use the terms ‘patio doors’ and ‘french doors’ interchangeably. However, they offer some significant differences, which is something you need to remember when searching online.

Before we delve into each one, you should note that ‘patio doors’ also originally meant sliding doors. Over time, the term has changed dramatically, and it now seems to be the main all-encompassing word for sliding doors and also those that open into the living area or out onto the garden.

This also even includes the bi-fold design and French doors. That being said, they do all operate in different ways, and that is why it is essential to distinguish between the both of them.

Patio doors what are they?

Firstly, sliding patio doors are ideal for households with limited space as they open up the available space. Better than having a door encroaching upon your living area, the sliding doors double back on themselves and therefore use the space you have readily available. Broadly speaking, they come in a range of sizes from 1,600mm to over 4,000mm.

Since half of the design stays in place whilst the other slides in front or behind, this means that fifty percent of the obtainable space will always be covered. With doors that open outwards or inwards, you could open up the whole doorway to allow the sunlight or breeze to aerate through your house. As you can probably see, there are both benefits and drawbacks to these type of doors, this is the reason why they suit different spaces and needs.

French doors what are they?

Generally, French doors will be hinged before the opening, outwards or inwards. Dependent on the space you have readily available, there could be one or two doors, but they open up fully with no restrictions unlike the patio doors.

Despite that, the average size is 900mm, and this may well be your restriction in regards to size. Therefore, even if you have double doors, you will not be able to exceed 1,800mm unless you have some closed-off feature or window on either side.

If your area has enough space, French doors can be a superb choice because they open the area entirely. If you have kids or friends over for BBQs in the summer, French doors wide open allowing the indoors space and outdoor space to become one.