uPVC French Doors And Sidelites

Discover the charm of UPVC French doors with side windows at Doors Direct 2U. These exquisite doors with side panels are not just functional entries but also elegant additions that transform the look and feel of your home. Our range of French doors with side windows offers an expanded view, bringing in more natural light and seamlessly connecting your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Our uPVC French doors are designed for both aesthetics and durability. The inclusion of toughened safety glass in each French door set ensures safety and longevity. The master door operates smoothly, providing easy access while the slave door and side panels add to the visual appeal and functionality. Choose Doors Direct 2U for uPVC French doors that combine elegance, extra security, and enduring quality.

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Choosing a uPVC French Door With Side Panels

Stunning & Versatile White uPVC French Doors

A uPVC French door frame with the addition of side panels offers unmatched versatility. For an expansive view, opt for a fully glazed white design with side windows that open up to the outdoors. Alternatively, choose our popular grey uPVC French door to add more character and charm to your home.

Symmetrical Elegance with Double Doors & Side Panels

Elevate your home’s charm with our symmetrical double doors. The innovative design of our new French doors brings modern aesthetics while maintaining classic appeal.  The inclusion of side windows and side panels amplifies the grandeur and makes your living space feel more open, inviting, and full of light. For smaller spaces, consider uPVC Sliding Patio Doors.

Maximum Security & Durability with Multi-Point Locking System

Ensure the door you opt for is adequately secure. Our uPVC French doors come equipped with a secure multi-point locking system. This feature ensures maximum protection against potential break-ins while the galvanised steel core adds extra strength where it is needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to install these doors?

Installing our uPVC French doors with sidelites is designed to be straightforward. Each door comes with comprehensive installation instructions, making it manageable for both professional installers and competent DIY enthusiasts. If you follow the guidelines provided, you should find the process efficient and hassle-free.

How durable are these uPVC French doors?

Our uPVC French doors are exceptionally durable. They are constructed from high-grade uPVC material that is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use and the elements. Whether it’s heavy rain, strong winds, or intense sunlight, these doors are built to last and maintain their appearance and functionality over time.

Are your uPVC French doors with sidelites resistant to common issues like warping, fading, or discolouration?

Absolutely! Our uPVC French doors with sidelites are highly resistant to warping, fading, and discolouration. The uPVC material used is specifically chosen for its robustness and longevity, ensuring that the doors will remain looking great and operating smoothly for many years, even in challenging weather conditions.