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£365.00 Ex VAT : £304.17 JELD-WEN UK Ltd

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Garage Doors With Windows UK

White Garage Doors with Windows

You can transform a garage that is normally dark and cold by adding natural light. Garage doors with windows can be used to maximize your space.

Benefits of White Garage Doors with Windows

There are many garage doors that come with windows. However, there are some key advantages.

  • Lets in natural sunlight
  • There are many styles of windows available
  • Enhances the appearance of your property

Double Garage Doors With Windows

Are you looking to add a double garage door with windows to your home ? You will probably be asking yourself “How much are double garage doors with windows?” Our double garage doors with windows are currently £365 in the sale. So buy them why the sale lasts.

Garage Doors With Windows Near Me.

DoorsDirect2u is an online retailer. We delivery to most areas of the country, so you will always find garage doors near you.

Side Hinged Garage Doors With Windows

Our redwood garage door is a practical and economical option. These JELDWEN side-hung glazed timber glazed timber doors are made using a stub mortice tenon construction with solid softwood components. These JELDWEN side-hung glazed timber garage door can be painted with a Hi-Build finish. To reduce the size of the door, you should trim the same amount of timber from each side and bottom. This should not exceed 10mm, 5mm on each side, 6mm from the bottom. The top of the door should not be trimmed. For increased stability, the solid construction includes a combination of finger-jointed and rebated stiles. These doors come factory-glazed with opaque glass.

Introduction to Wooden Garage Doors

Timber is a natural and sustainable product which, if properly treated, is protected from excessive changes due to variations in humidity and temperature. Our doors are of engineered construction, for greater stability. However if garage doors are exposed to such changes without correct treatment, movement or distortion, such as swelling, shrinking, warping or splitting may occur. Prior to finishing and hanging the doors, inspect for damage and defects, DO NOT proceed to work on them if any noticeable damage or defect is evident. Finishing and/or installation of the doors constitutes acceptance of aesthetic quality.


  • Doors must be stored flat on 3 level bearers
  • Doors must be kept dry at all times
  • Avoid direct contact with sunlight before the door has been finished
  • This door cannot be left untreated and MUST not be left exposed to the elements
  • Check the doors for defects or damage before installation – DO NOT continue to install the doors if any defects or damage are found
  • Any small nicks or scratches should be sanded using fine sandpaper before finishing
  • Any doors which have been worked on cannot be exchanged, with the exception of a door with a proven manufacturing defect
  • Doors should be handled carefully with clean gloves and not dragged across each other or across other surfaces
  • Doors must be sealed on both faces and ALL edges prior to installation
  • Claims for twisting, bowing, shrinking, or swelling that are moisture related (while the doors are not sealed according to our guidelines) will be rejected.

It is essential that the doors are completely finished on the two faces and all FOUR edges plus any cut-outs for locks, handles, hinges and letter plates etc. Prior to finishing or sealing, lightly sand any handling marks.
Do not use wire wool or other sanding materials containing steel or iron on our doors.
Doors require appropriate undercoating using a knotting solution where necessary prior to finishing. A proprietary branded Hi-Build microporus paint system should be used as a final top coat. Our garage doors are NOT suitable for waxes, varnishes, clear lacquers, polishes, dyes or oils (e.g. Danish Oil) as they do not properly seal the door.
Failure to seal the doors accordingly will invalidate any claims.

If the door is to be reduced in size, an equal amount of timber should be trimmed from either side or bottom, this must never exceed 10mm in total, 5mm each side and 6mm from the bottom. We do not recommend trimming the top of the door. All lock or handle cavities should be kept to a minimum size and sited away from the mid rail joint, these areas should then be re-sealed.
We recommend as a minimum four 100mm (4”) hinges or three 400mm T hinges per door. Whilst checking the size in the door frame, mark hinge positions and any levers or locks you wish to attach to the doors.

Regular maintenance of this door should be made in accordance with the stain/paint manufacturer’s instructions, to prevent breakdown of the wood finish and to protect the timber from deterioration, typically an annual inspection is necessary.
In the event of this door being proven to have a manufacturing defect where a replacement is needed, the liability shall under no circumstance exceed the price of the defective door.
We shall not be held responsible for problems resulting from poor workmanship applied to our doors.

Garage Doors Timber

If you want the style of your home to be reflected in your garage doorways and you want them to be durable, natural, and full of charm and elegance, then you should seriously consider installing timber garage doors. They are wonderful additions to homes that have an old-fashioned or rustic atmosphere. They are frequently used with side hinged garage doors and may be simply painted to match the colour of your existing doors.

It is important to keep in mind that although timber is a beautiful natural material, the images of timber garage doors that you may have seen in brochures, on websites, or in photographs may not always be reproduced exactly the same in another door. This is something that you should always keep in mind. This is due to the fact that the graining, knots, and shading of the wood will always vary from one door to the next, and that these characteristics are emphasized more on doors finished in lighter colours.

Because of the naturally stunning finish that timber provides, garage doors made of timber are an excellent choice for any house. Due to the ease with which they can be installed and the high-quality construction that ensures their longevity, our side-hung wooden garage doors are consistently among our best-selling products.

Timber Garage Doors

Do you prefer for your garage door to open horizontally instead of vertically? Doors that are hinged on the side open normally, making their operation uncomplicated and simple. Numerous homes across the nation favour it because of its appearance, which is considered to be more conventional. Our side-hinged doors are available in an extensive selection of materials, colours, and designs to choose from. If you want the doors to have more of an asymmetrical appearance, you can choose to have them split 50/50 instead of equally, or you can have them split closer to 2/3. Whatever it is that you’re looking for, the knowledgeable members of our team are here to help you through every stage of the process.

Wood Garage Doors

Timber garage doors take advantage of the natural beauty of wood to create a classic appearance and offer the highest quality and most advanced safety features available on the market today. Garage doors made of timber have a classic look that’s adaptable to a variety of openings.

Garage Wooden Doors

These doors unquestionably improve the aesthetic appeal of a property, and in addition, there is a possibility that they will also result in an increase in the property’s value. It is much simpler to locate a wooden garage door that goes with the rest of your home if you opt to purchase one.

Wooden Garage Doors For Sale

Wooden garage doors and garage doors with a classic finish offer a sense of classic and elegant styling, and they can look fantastic on homes with an exterior finish of natural materials like wood board siding, logs, or stone. Wooden garage doors and garage doors with a classic finish offer a sense of classic and elegant styling. Our selection of timber garage doors is a smart investment for a wide variety of residential design schemes, from the timeless and conventional to the streamlined and contemporary, and even period homes. One of the many wonderful things about wooden doors is that they can be painted to give them a completely different appearance.

Timber Garage Doors UK

Because of their timber construction, these doors are a great alternative to the conventional “up and over” garage doors. In addition to adding security and elegance to your home, they also increase its value.
People who are conscious of their impact on the natural world should consider installing wooden garage doors because the wood that is used comes from well-managed forests. People who use their garage as a workshop may find these designs to their liking because they can be customized to include windows that admit natural light.

Garage Door Wood

These doors unquestionably improve the aesthetic appeal of a property, and in addition, there is a possibility that they will also result in an increase in the property’s value. It is much simpler to locate a wooden garage door that goes with the rest of your home if you opt to purchase one.