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Other Internal Doors

Free Delivery On All Internal Glazed Doors

We are able to supply internal glazed doors that will make your home look stylish which are a superior build quality. All our glazed doors come with safety glass as standard.

All our internal glazed doors come at a very reasonable price but our most popular glass doors are our primed white ones. We can also supply flush glazed doors and the main thing is that all our doors come with free delivery to anywhere in mainland UK.

We stock a large range of internal glazed doors so that you will find the ideal door that will match your style and design of your existing decor. As well as the many style of doors we can also supply different types of glass.

All our internal oak glass doors are veneered on top of a solid core and JELD-WEN only use the best veneers. They are all fitted with toughened glass as standard as the security and well-being of your family is very important. All our glazed doors come in different sizes so that you should be able to find the perfect size for you.

If you are looking to mix and match your internal doors then you will find that many of the glazed doors have a solid internal door counterpart. So if you wish to lighten certain rooms by using glazed doors and soundproof other rooms with solid internal doors then you will be able to find the same styles and designs.

If you have any problems then you can always ring us and we will be on the other end of the phone to help you with any of your enquiries.

Benefits of installing glazed doors in your home 

Light and Elegance

With today’s busy and tiring lifestyle, it’s sometimes necessary to find a place with clean lines and minimal distraction where you can sit back and enjoy your time. You don’t have to look further because you can find that perfect spot at your home. When choosing doors to include in your interior design, it can be a great idea to consider glass models because of their simplicity and elegance. Glazed doors also allow sufficient light to enter the living space without compromising on the warmth and tranquillity of the home.

With an internal room divider, you can perfectly partition your home with glazed doors while ensuring there’s enough light throughout the interior space. And to ensure the hallway gets all the natural light from the outside, you can easily add glazed doors which will double as a window too.

Free Interior Space

Installing glazed doors in your home can dramatically transform the look and feel of the interior space. Whether you choose to use classic panelled doors or opt for modern designs, you can always enjoy an open and relaxing environment. Traditional homes are usually divided into small spaces accessible through doors. While the conventional doors are restrictive in nature, glass panel doors tend to come with a surprising effect. With glazed doors, all the adjoining rooms are brought together, something that makes the interior space to look and feel way bigger than it is.

See-Through Effect 

One of the main advantages of installing glass doors in your home is transparency-that goes without saying.  And as much as the use of glass comes with a set of challenges, it still offers excellent solutions when used in the home’s interior.  Internal glazed doors safer than the conventional doors. For instance, when used in kitchen and/or children’s rooms, they can allow you to monitor what’s going at all times without going through a hassle.

Choosing Internal Doors

How do you find the best interior doors for your home? Here are the top things you should consider when choosing the right internal doors;


You are more likely to find the best door if you pay attention to the style of your home. Factors such as the location, age, and the intended use of the space in your home can be the source of inspiration for the style of your interior door. If you live in a modern home, you might need to consider the veneer doors. Moreover, you may also need to take a look at the panelled doors. In this case, you will find wide range of designs to meet your desire. They are available in materials that include moulded wood fibre and solid timber.

Nowadays, Oak internal doors are very popular in both modern and traditional homes. However, our Oregon range of doors is more suited to people who are conservative in nature. On the other hand, the white-oak cottage doors are appealing to modernists.


You will find a wide range of internal doors made or varied materials and finishes. Since each material has its advantages, you should carefully evaluate before making a purchase. However, oak has gained popularity because they can match with the furniture and flooring of your home. In this case, you will get a top-notch look in your home. You can take a look at our oak doors.

Recently, the veneer doors have gained popularity due their ability to match with many finishes. It can provide your home with elegant look. However, you should consider colours such as walnut, oak, beech and ash. Take a look at our wide range of wood veneers.

If you are interested in designs and sizes, you should consider moulded doors. They are not only elegant, but they are also an affordable alternative. You can have a look at our range of moulded doors.


Our internal doors are available in various sizes that fit most of the door frames in homes. These sizes include;

We produce our internal doors in a number of standard sizes to fit most typical doorframes. They include:

6’6″h (1981mm) x 2’9″w (838mm)

6’6″h (1981mm) x 2’6″w (762mm)

6’6″h (1981mm) x 2’3″w (686mm)

6’6″h (1981mm) x 2’0″w (610mm)

However, you find many sizes that measures up to 6’8″ high (2032mm) by 2’8″ wide (813mm). On our website, you can find the information about various sizing of the doors.

Fire doors

Ensure that you buy the doors that are approved by the BWF CERTFIRE. These doors have been tested and meet the British Standards. Many fire doors withstand the fire for 60 or 30minutes. They are labeled FD60 or FD30. You can find a wide range of fire doors at our stores that give you many styles and finishes. Visit our site and get more information about the fire doors.


Unfortunately, most of the internal doors come without handles. In this case, you should buy a handle separately on our store. There are numerous designs that complement the style of your door, whether traditional or modern. You should choose a handle a minimalist look to create a clean look on your modern doors. Moreover, there are a lot of decorative styles that match your traditional door.


Do you want to bring light into your darkroom without installing more lights? Then you should consider doors with shiny surfaces. Find wide range of internal glazed doors at our stores.

Fitting of the door

You may need to consider how much junk need to trim before door is fitted into the position. Our Shaker white oak, Aston, and Oregon ranges provide plenty of trimming options.

The finish

Depending on your preferred style, you can supply unfinished, pre-finished or finished internal doors. You should d consider unfinished or pre-finished door of you want to personalize your interior home. On the other hand, you may consider our fully-finished doors. Take your time and visit us to learn more about our products.