Glazed Internal Doors

Elevate your home’s aesthetics and functionality with DoorsDirect2U’s selection of glazed internal doors. Our extensive range of internal doors with glass, from internal glazed doors to half glazed internal doors, is designed to suit various styles and preferences. By incorporating glass internal doors into your interiors, you invite natural light to brighten your living spaces, creating an inviting atmosphere throughout your home.

Plus, they boost energy efficiency by reducing the need for artificial lighting. You can customise them to match your style, and don’t worry about non-standard sizes. Could you make sure to get professional installation for proper alignment?

Transform your home with glazed internal doors.

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Why Choose a Glazed Internal Door from Doors Direct 2 U?

Versatile and Stylish Glass Internal Doors

Choose from a wide variety of glazed doors, including contemporary half glass door styles and traditional fully glazed options. Our internal glazed door collection features everything from frosted glass for privacy to clear glass that maximises light flow into your rooms. With the addition of toughened safety glass, our doors ensure durability and safety, making them a perfect choice for any area of your home, including dining rooms and living areas.


Glazed internal doors, particularly those with frosted glass or clear glass panels, are not just functional; they’re also a statement of style. They provide the elegance of glass interior doors with the robustness and privacy needed for everyday life. Whether you’re looking for white glazed internal doors to complement your modern interior design or oak doors with glass for a more traditional look, our collection has something to meet your needs.

Quality and Customisation

Our glazed internal doors come in various finishes, from pre-finished options ready for installation to unfinished options that allow for personal customization. You can easily find the perfect door to enhance your interior design. Glazed interior doors, especially those with glass panels, are an excellent way to create a sense of openness while maintaining distinct living areas.

What are doors with glass panels called?

Doors with glass panels are commonly referred to as glazed doors or internal glazed doors, offering a blend of privacy and openness by allowing natural light to pass through.

What is the glass panel above an internal door called?

The glass panel above an internal door is known as a transom. It serves both decorative and practical purposes by allowing more light into the room.

Can you have glass internal doors?

Absolutely. Glass internal doors are a popular choice for modern and traditional homes alike, enhancing spaces with natural light while offering various levels of privacy through options like frosted or clear glass.

Can you add glass to an existing interior door?

Yes, it is possible to add glass to an existing interior door. This modification should ideally be done by professionals to ensure the structural integrity of the door and the safety of the glass installation.

Dive into our selection of glazed internal doors today and transform your home with the perfect balance of light, style, and function. DoorsDirect2U offers an unmatched variety of glazed doors to suit your unique style and preferences, ensuring that every room in your house feels bright, welcoming, and beautifully designed.