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Other Internal Doors

We supply quality oak internal doors at
very competitive prices. Internal oak doors with panels, internal oak doors
with glass or normal oak internal doors we have them all.

Internal oak doors
provide a stylish choice that can match and highlight your décor in the house,
additionally we supply free delivery to all mainland UK

Oak internal Doors Sizes

Our interior oak internal doors can be supplied in many different sizes, some oak doors can come in up to 7 sizes we can also supply some of these doors in pre finished or unfinished

All oak internal doors with glass and internal oak doors are veneered on top of a solid core of either composite
material or laminated timber, so where possible we supply FSC registered
sustainable timber. The oak veneer that is used complies with industry
standards and 
JELD-WEN make sure that they use the best quality.

Fitting Oak Interior Doors

Internal Oak doors can be fitted with just two hinges like normal internal doors, however we would suggest using three hinges where possible as they do tend to weigh more.

You will find some matching internal oak doors within the fire doors section


Choosing Interior Doors

Deciding on an interior door is not as easy as most people perceive, there is more to it than its purpose. An interior door can enhance the look of your house in many ways than just adding attention to detail to the design and style of your home. It also keeps you and your family safe from hazards like fire and adds value to your house if you intend to put it up for sale.

There are different models of interior doors sold on various physical and online stores. Many websites give conflicting information on the points you need to consider before purchasing an interior door. The many models come in varied specifications which may make the process of selecting the right one daunting. Do not panic; we will give you a detailed guideline on what to look out for to make it easier for you to pick the right interior door for your home.

What style defines your home?

Knowing your style is the most important point to consider when selecting an interior door. Ensure you only pick a door that complements your personal style. A style that is right for someone else does not necessarily mean that it will be good for you too. Take a closer look at your home if you are not sure of your style. You will notice a consistent trend that defines your passion. You will see the inspiration of your style all over the house. The inspiration will be manifested in location, age, type and the way you intend to use the space.

Most people living in contemporary homes use flush internal doors to get a minimal and sleek finish. We have an exclusive bestselling veneer range for flush doors enthusiasts. If you are looking to create more depth, a panelled door is appropriate for you. They come in an array of materials and designs to meet the varying needs and budgets of buyers. Materials include moulded wood fibre and solid timber.

Oak internal doors, on the other hand, remain to be a popular choice and trendy due to their ability to generate a quality finish in both classic and contemporary properties. We have something for our traditionalists; our Oregon range. Those that prefer modernists leanings should have a taste of our Horizontal Cottage doors that feature in our white oak door range.

Pick The Right Materials

As mentioned above, interior doors come in a variety of materials and finishing options. Each available option possesses its benefits and distinguishing features. Do not rush into making a purchase. Take your time to consider a door that best addresses your needs. Oak has been consistently popular, and it blends well with other finishes like furniture and flooring to give you an attractive look in all rooms. Browse through our full range of oak doors to have a taste of what we are offering.

Veneer doors have seen a renaissance in attractiveness in recent times due to their excellent finishes especially in kitchens. They provide homes with a sleek, flush appearance with minimal decoration. Walnut and oak are prevalent colors at the moment. If you are not a fan of the two colors, you can try other colors notably beech and ash. Go through our full range of real wood veneers. Molded internal doors are the most common type as they offer a broad spectrum of sizes and designs. They also offer an affordable alternative to other doors. View our full range of molded doors.


We manufacture our internal doors in various standard sizes to fit most typical doorframes. The sizes include:

6’6″h (1981mm) x 2’0″w (610mm)

6’6″h (1981mm) x 2’3″w (686mm)

6’6″h (1981mm) x 2’6″w (762mm)

6’6″h (1981mm) x 2’9″w (838mm)

Additional sizes with dimensions up to 6’8″ high (2032mm) by 2’8″ wide (813mm) are available on most of our ranges. To get the sizing information, check under every door on our site for reference. We have optimized our website, and it is possible to filter your ideal doors by size to make decision-making easier.

Fire Doors

Buy doors and door sets that are accredited by the BWF CERTFIRE scheme always. By purchasing such products, you will have peace of mind as the products have undergone tests to meets British Standards. They are mostly labeled FD30 or FD60 which is an indication of the duration they will avert the ingress of flames and smoke when used correctly. Most fire doors offer either 30 or 60 minutes of protection. Our wide range of fire doors give you many popular styles and finishes to choose from without compromising high safety standards. For more enlightenment, check out the guide to fire section of our site. You can alternatively view our remarkable range of fire doors here.

Choosing Handles

We understand that detail is fundamental and people have different preferences. It is for this reason that our interior doors do not come with hardware (except for our internal folding doors). We omit the hardware to give our customers the luxury of picking handles that suit their styles. There are many beautiful designs to choose from. The designs are meant to complement both traditional and contemporary doors. If you want a modern finish, go for handles with clean lines for a minimalist look. For traditional doors, there is a broad range of decorative and classic styles.


Installing interior doors with glazing is a genius way of allowing light into dark rooms without tampering with sound or warmth insulation. By going for a design that complements other panel doors, you can craft a universal look in all rooms of your home and retain your privacy where needed.

Fitting Your Door

Before picking a design, it is advisable to consider how much trimming you may require from your indoor door lest you risk exposing the inside. If you must shave off a substantial chunk, buy a product with many trimming options. Good choices include Aston, Oregon and Shaker white oak ranges.

And Finally…

We are seasoned suppliers of finished, pre-finished and completely unfinished doors subject to your preferred style. If you intend to customize your interior woodwork, go for an unfinished and pre-finished door. The two have a layer of undercoat that makes it easy for you to add the final color. For buyers that prefer someone else to do the painting, they can opt for our finished doors. They do not need additional work, just hang them up, sit back and relax! View our full collection of internal doors.