The patio doors buying guide.

Frequently asked questions

What types of patio doors are there?

There are patio doors for every patio. No patio is complete without patio doors to open up the patio or to give you better privacy. Some patio doors are made of steel, some are made of aluminum and there are even patio doors made out of vinyl.

Aluminium patio doors are an alternative to wooden patio doors, providing you with an extremely durable door.

Aluminium patio doors don’t need any maintenance, other than the occasional wipe down with a soft cloth and a patio door cleaner. You’ll never have to paint or stain your aluminium patio doors again.

The patio doors that are made out of steel are also very strong. Steel patio doors

Choosing the right material is also vital. Natural wood and oak still continue to be in demand and trendy. This is because adding wood to patio doors could lead to an increase in the value of the home and help to come out with a more distinctive appearance.

JELD-WEN has a wide collection of patio doors made from timber and they are complemented by a wide variety of single doors and windows which gives a perfect and coordinated look.

With just the right patio doors, you will be able to incorporate the natural beauty of your outdoor space flowing into the design of your indoor area. Glass patio doors provide you with a view of the garden or patio. They can even be a point of interest themselves. You will have two options when buying glass patio doors: sliding or French.

How to decide between the two.

Whilst the style of the door currently leading to your garden or patio may influence your decision, it need not. A handyman could easily convert an opening with sliding patio doors to fit French doors and vice versa. Choose the style that best fits the design and style of your home. For example, French doors work well for a cottage, but a more modern house with a fantastic view would benefit from sliding patio doors with more than just two panels.

Are sliding doors safe?

Patio doors is not generally used to gain entry because they’re heavy and therefore difficult to force open from the inside.

Glass sliding doors use toughened glass, which can take a lot of punishment, and therefore most intruders will not attempt to break in via them.

However it’s very uncommon for patio doors to be forced open from the outside because they’re heavy and have a locking mechanism that makes it pretty difficult, but patio doors are not 100% secure.

Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for security and safety.

Do patio doors need maintenance?

Manufacturers will recommend that patio doors be inspected for loose screws, missing handles, and damaged panels. This will ensure that the door locks continue to work effectively and efficiently. Patio doors are vulnerable to exposure to the elements. Over time door locks may deteriorate or become inoperable due to water damage. If this happens door companies can replace door locks for you.

A patio door is easy to maintain. You can clean the window with a window cleaner, and it only requires occasional cleaning. A patio door is also 100% insulated, which means that it helps keep the heat or air conditioning in. This is not true for typical patio doors!

What are sliding doors?

Sliding patio doors are patio door panels that slide open horizontally. They offer the same benefits as swinging patio doors, but their ease of use and reduced weight makes them popular for heavy traffic or high usage locations. Sliding doors are more popular for large patios where the space between the inside and outside can be really opened up.

Sliding doors are often a cost-effective alternative allowing you to add patio doors to your home without making any major structural changes.

Like almost any sliding doors, patio doors are easy to open and close.

Sliding doors can be the perfect addition to your home if you’re looking to make a big difference in the appearance of your property without having to do a lot of work.

Do sliding patio doors need planning permission?

Some patio doors may need planning permission, so it’s always worth checking.

Types of patio doors

UPVC and aluminium sliding doors

UPVC patio doors are one of the most popular patio doors on the market. They’re made out of polyvinyl chloride, which is PVC that’s been mixed with a number of other chemicals to make it stronger and prevent mould. These patio doors were first invented in the early 1950s by John Thomas from Pender, Missouri. They’re usually cheaper than aluminium patio doors and less expensive than wooden patio doors.

Aluminium sliding patio doors are often easier to maintain because they don’t have frames within them. The frames can become damaged and can also be difficult to clean because of their intricate design patterns. Aluminum patio doors are often more expensive than UPVC patio doors but they will last longer too so it’s worth investing in the extra cost.

Glass sliding patio doors.

Glass sliding patio doors are one of the many options that you have at your disposal.

Nice patio doors will make your patio feel like a whole new room, and having a patio door can be less expensive than adding on to your patio!

The patio sliding door is a patio door option that can make your patio feel much like an additional room!

Exterior french patio doors.

French patio doors offer the utmost in style. They possess a clean, traditional look that can go with any type of home décor. These patio doors are also perfect for any kitchen design.

French patio doors are equipped with glass panels that offer a clear view of what is outside of the space. Some French patio doors come in sliding frames while others boast hinged designs. Both sliding patio doors and hinged patio doors have top-quality locks to keep them closed and secure.

Glass patio doors are equipped with locking hardware that allows you to safeguard your home against intruders.

When your new sliding patio doors are open, they can allow more natural light to enter a room. Natural lighting allows homeowners to save money on electricity costs.

UPVC patio doors.

This type of patio door is also known as a sliding patio door. These patio doors slide inwards and outwards to allow for more access. They are better than other patio doors in that they are very strong, durable, and long-lasting.

UPVC sliding patio doors are popular for homeowners because they increase patio access. They allow more air to flow through the patio doors, which can be useful in homes with little ventilation. Also, you won’t have to worry about your sliding patio door blowing open during a storm or strong wind gusts.

UPVC sliding patio doors do not need much attention and are easy to clean. You just need to wipe them down with some water or a patio door cleaner in order to remove any dirt, dust and other grime which may build up on the patio doors over time.