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PVC Patio Doors

PVC patio doors are a popular alternative to traditional aluminium and wooden patio doors. One of the reasons for this is their waterproof nature. Being a special kind of plastic, PVC won’t absorb moisture or rot like wood. PVC doors won’t bend, crack or warp when exposed to direct sunlight, snow or rain. Unlike wood and aluminium doors, these doors won’t require an external coat of paint or polish to protect their surfaces and ensure that they last several years without replacement.


When it comes to price, PVC patio doors cost less to buy and maintain compared to wood and aluminium doors. Aluminium patio doors can be quite expensive especially if you want a custom design. However, they’re quite strong and durable which justifies their price. Wooden doors also tend to be quite expensive to purchase. Installing wood and aluminium doors can also be expensive due to the manpower needed and the time it might take for the door to be set. Maintaining wooden doors can also be expensive in the long run as a fresh coat of paint needs to be spread every year or so. PVC doors on the other hand come in a variety of inexpensive designs and colours. Maintaining these doors might only require frequent cleaning with a wet cloth.


Another reason why PVC doors are quite popular is their lightweight and strong build. Solid wood and metal doors can weigh tens of pounds making them hard to carry and install. A normal sized PVC patio door weighs just a few pounds. This means that they’re cheaper to transport, carry and install compared to their wood and metal counterparts. Installing a PVC door doesn’t
require the use of heavy door frames which cuts down on transport and installation costs. Although lightweight, these doors are quite strong and can easily withstand huge amounts of stress without breaking.


These two qualities have made PVC one of the most commonly used industrial materials in the world. Besides construction, PVC is also commonly used in other industries that range from automotive manufacturing to computing.


Using PVC patio doors helps to conserve forests and reverse the effects of global warming. Many of the wooden doors available come from non-sustainable forests. These forests act as water catchment areas and also help to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the environment. They’re also home to many wildlife species. Using PVC doors as an alternative to wood doors helps conserve forests and the environment in general.

Finally, PVC doors are quite durable. Wood doors and aluminium doors will require a protective layer of paint or other material in order to keep out moisture and dirt. These will easily stain the doors or, in the case of wood result in fast degradation and eventual rotting. Extreme heat and cold accompanied by moisture can also cause wood doors to warp, crack or bend. PVC doors on the other hand aren’t susceptible to damage caused by moisture, dirt or changing temperatures. They also come in different colours and won’t discolour after being exposed to direct sunlight. This makes them a good choice for patio or front doors.